How We Value a Watch

Quartz - All quartz are valued first by metal, so gold watches would be valued by weight minus movement. The most expensive quartz movement new is £150 and have a general life span of 15 years. So used they have very little or no value to us, this is why we may bid has little has £5 for a piece.

Automatic - All movement watches have several if not hundreds of moving parts. Each part has a value this is how we value automatic pieces and why they are valued a lot more than Quartz watches. The type of movement will determine the value of the watch, most watches have standard ETA movements which are very common and have a lesser value than in house movements. The Brands which have in house movements are i.e. Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Vacheron, Panerai etc. An in house movement is a bespoke movement made only for a single brand in there own factory.

All watches sent in are to be authenticated and will be subjected to full overhaul check to determined if the watch is real or fake. All counterfeit goods will be seized due to the trading standards terms and conditions and destroyed. They can be returned to the sender as soon as a £10 admin fee is paid, if the fee is not paid after 30 days they will be destroyed.

The practice of counterfeiting has serious adverse effects on traders selling genuine goods. It is also prejudicial to companies and individuals whose names are illegally applied to goods or who own the brands or the legal right to reproduce original works. 

The production, distribution and supply of counterfeit products is viewed seriously and we work closely with, and receive information from, many organizations representing legitimate trade interests. 
Consumer complaints should be reported directly to the local Trading Standards Office, which can be usually found at the local Council Offices or Town Hall.

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